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About Greenwich Exchange


Founded in 1988 Greenwich Exchange is a small, independent literary house dedicated to the flow and interplay of ideas.

At the core of our endeavour are our Student Guides and our Focus Series. Unlike other guides, Greenwich Exchange Student Guides do not simply hand down received truths; more, they aim to begin the process of a critical dialogue with the reader. While providing an analytical and historical overview of the great writers and their works, Greenwich Exchange authors are free to pursue and share original critical insights and ideas, unlocking the imagination of the reader and encouraging wider discussion. They are intended to stand as lively and engaging works of art in themselves.

Similarly liberal and unique in their approach the books in the Focus Series give shorter and more concise overviews of individual works.

In addition Greenwich Exchange recognises the primacy of the creative imagination, providing room on its list for vibrant and exciting new poetry, fiction, memoirs and biography as well as studies on philosphy and creative writing.

Greenwich Exchange also publishes a range of textbooks on linguistics, accountancy, business and schools management.




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