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Collected Poems: 1965-2018

David Sutton




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Spanning a writing career of over half a century, David Sutton has written poems which sing with the traditional values – clarity, lyric precision, an ear attentive to the nuances of form – allied to a sensibility desiring to communicate experience fully and intimately with the reader.

Yet beneath the unfussiness, the refusual to be drawn into the wildernesses of pretension and obscurity, there lies a passionately engaged observer of the quotidian. These poems – eschewing the ficklenesses of poetic fashion – were written to last. Be the lyrics about love, loss or mortality, the joys and failings of personal relationships, the wonder of landscape and nature, Sutton’s poems are unified by the simple purpose of seeing it straight and saying it true.

Taken together his poems present not just a formidable body of work but one demanding critical and popular attention.


About the author:

David Sutton was born in Hemel Hempstead in 1944 and was educated at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. By profession a computer programmer before his retirement, he has had eight collections of poetry published: Out on A Limb (1969), Absences and Celebrations (1982), Flints (1986), Settlements (1991), The Planet Happiness (1996), A Holding Action (2000), New and Selected Poems 1965-2005 (2005) and No Through Road (2013). Married with three sons and one daughter, he lives in South Oxfordshire.


280  pages

ISBN: 978-1-910996-23-2

Greenwich Exchange Category: Poetry

Series: None



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‘What it [the poetry] achieves transcends labels, reworking pastoralism's enduring vein of humane attentiveness in a thoroughly contemporary setting.’

John Mole, Acumen


‘He has a Larkinesque talent for hitting the private, reflective contact with his environment with grace and exactitude.’

Jonathan Raban, London Magazine


‘It is good to come upon a poet, David Sutton, who can write with great skill of personal relationships and evanescent moments of insight which are contained by their form.'

Elizabeth Jennings, The Catholic Herald